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Pen of 5 Bulls available private treaty

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Welcome to O’Donnell Angus, a “Total Performance Breeding Progam.”

Our mission here at O’Donnell’s is to identify and multiply cattle that do the most things well in one package. First and foremost, we place extra emphasis on reproductive performance and maternal excellence. Females with fertility, ease of fleshing, optimum milk, udder quality and early hair shedding is of utmost important. We look for balance in the performance traits, beginning with calving ease, rapid early growth, with emphasis on moderate mature size. And we won't settle for anything less than excellence in carcass traits. Visually, our cattle must meet strict scrutiny for correct structure, eye-appealing type and design. We are building our herd around females that have distinguished themselves in the Angus breed as producers of major herd bulls. It is paying off. We practice the selection principles of Dr. Jan Bonsma in selecting for funtional efficiency. Above all else, our cattle must work for commercial cattlemen in a variety of environments.